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    We are excited to welcome you to the Albina Mandarin Program. The Mandarin program at Albina Head Start was established in 2012. Since then, we expanded our program from 3 classrooms to 9 classrooms. We have built a pathway to continue Mandarin with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School all the way to high school. This will provide students with more opportunities and possibilities in the future.

    We teach Mandarin for 30 minutes every day. Children learn Mandarin through a variety of ways including singing, dancing, movement, art activities and games. They learn another language and have fun all at the same time.

    In addition to classroom instruction, Mandarin teachers will send you links to learn Mandarin at home. Let's have fun learning Mandarin together!



After our mandarin program children can continued to learn Mandarin from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. School

JinRen is a non-profit organization that supports children learning Mandarin in Albina, MLK and Harriet.

Mandarin Centers


McCormack Matthews: 6930 N Kerby 97217

Tina Clegg:1425 NE Dekum Street 97211

Lewis Charlotte: 4919 NE 17th Ave 97211

Gladys Waters: 111 NE Failing St. 97212

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